If you have a certificate with Postal Family Credit Union and need money, you can use your certificate as collateral. Your loan rate is 2.5% more than your certificate rate and the maturity date of the loan is the same as your certificate. Your repayments on these loans are as follows:

  1. Make regular monthly payments to pay off the entire loan balance by the maturity date.
  2. Make interest only payments and pay off the loan at the maturity of the certificate or renew the certificate and the loan.
  3. Make the payment that fits your budget and if there is still a balance at the maturity of the certificate, you can pay the loan by cashing the certificate or refinance the loan by renewing the certificate.

You can apply for the loan the following ways:

  • Use Web PAL II
  • Use PAL
  • Call the Credit Union for a Phone Loan
  • Stop in the credit union office

Click here for rates on certificate loans.