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About PFCU

Postal Family Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution providing a full-range of banking services; including savings, checking, auto loans, credit cards, personal loans, mortgages and more. Our history is deeply rooted in providing individualized service to US Postal Service employees and affiliates, while helping them achieve financial balance.

Your deposits with PFCU are insured, up to $250,000 per account, by American Share Insurance. Click here to learn more about American Share Insurance.

Our History

In June of 1928, a group of Cincinnati postal employees and their wives were embarking on a day trip aboard the Island Queen up the Ohio River to Coney Island. During their conversation, Chris Lang told the group about an idea he had heard of, called "credit unions". He explained that several other post offices across the US had started a credit union; allowing their employees to pool their savings and lend money to fellow employees at favorable interest rates. The interest paid by those who borrow would be used to pay dividends to those who were saving. He was interested in the idea and decided to explore a little more.

For the next few months, Chris Lang did research on credit unions. On one of the coldest days in November, 1928, eight postal employees along with Chris's son, Frannie Lang, met at Chris Lang's house and agreed to start Cincinnati Postal Employee's Credit Union, Inc. Chris Lang became the first Treasurer, conducting operations out of his house until 1932. At that time, the State of Ohio passed credit union legislation, we received Charter #3 and moved operations to a small space at the Post Office. As the credit union grew in membership, assets and services offered; they eventually outgrew the space and in 1974 rented a location at 8th and Linn St. in Queensgate. A few years later, we purchased the Crane & Breed Casket Company building which became the site of our Cincinnati branch in 1979.

Our Leadership

  • Rudy Rattman, President/CEO
  • Karen A. Bepler, CUCE, Vice-President of Operations
  • Christine Lindsey, CUCE, Member Services Manager & Compliance Officer
  • Jeff Cain, CUBLP, Loan Operations Manager

Board of Directors

  • Tom Crowley, Board Chair
  • Mark Mercer, Vice-Chair
  • Bill Nolan, Treasurer
  • Kim Jansen, Board Secretary
  • Lauren DiTullio, Director
  • Sue Egbers, Director
  • Lance Wagner, Director
  • Charles Willis, Director