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Personal Loans

When you need money for a variety of personal reasons; we offer competitive-rate personal loans.

Unsecured Personal Loans

A traditional Personal Loan is unsecured, meaning you don't guarantee the loan with collateral (such as a house or car), and instead your signature is promise of repayment of the loan. A Personal Loan can be used for:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Vacation
  • Medical expenses
  • Family expansion
  • Education expenses
  • A large purchase

You can borrow up to 2x your monthly income (with a maximum loan amount of $25,000) for up to a 3-year term.

To apply for a loan; submit this application, stop by the branch, call us or apply through online banking.

Secured Loan

With a Secured Personal Loan, you can use the funds on deposit in a PFCU Savings or Certificate to secure the loan.  The funds will be placed on hold and released as the loan is paid. Because the loan is secured, the interest rates are much lower than with a traditional Personal Loan.

This allows you to pay for an emergency expense or make a large purchase without tapping into your savings.  Your Savings or Certificate account will continue to earn dividends on the funds used to secure the loan.  A Secured Loan can also be a great way to build, or repair credit. 

To apply for a loan; stop by the branch, call us or apply through online banking.