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Jump start your savings with one (or more!) of PFCU's flexible saving account options; with no monthly fee and competitive dividend rates.  Plus, your deposits are insured up to $250,000 per account by American Share Insurance. Dividends are credited monthly, on the 1st of the month.

Primary Savings

Your membership with the credit union begins by opening a Primary Savings account and maintaining a minimum balance of $5.00. From there, you can take advantage of all of the Savings, Checking, Certificates and Loans we have to offer. This account is great for everyday savings or to build an emergency fund. You'll have convenient access to your cash through a network of fee-free ATMs (must request ATM card).

Special Savings (Share 30)

With our Special Savings account, you can save for any particular purchase or goal.  Keep your savings separate so you can dedicate funds to a particular purpose, and track your progress towards your goal. This account can be a great way to save for real estate taxes or insurance, to purchase a car, for a wedding, for medical expenses and more.

Vacation Club

Relax and unwind on a guilt-free vacation with a Vacation Club Savings.  With this account, you can slowly and surely save up throughout the year for vacation; instead of putting vacation expenese on a credit card or taking out a loan. Automate your savings by setting up direct deposit or automatic transfers into your Vacation Club account.

Christmas Club

Deck the halls and de-stress the holidays with a Christmas Club Savings account.  Tuck money away throughout the year with automatic transfers from your Checking or Primary Savings.  When the holiday season begins, you'll have ample savings to enjoy holiday gift-giving, travel, events and more.

To open an account, stop by the branch or give us a call today.

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