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Managing your money and paying bills is safe, simple and secure with a PFCU Checking account. Automate payday by setting up Direct Deposit to your PFCU Checking.

Dividends are paid on account balances of $5,000 and up. A minimal $1 monthly service fee can be easily waived by using your debit card at least 6 times during the month. 

  • Spend and pay your way; Use your Mastercard Debit Card, online and mobile banking, Bill Pay or write checks
  • Withdraw cash, fee-free, at participating network ATMs nationwide
  • Quickly pay your bills from one place with FREE online Bill Pay
  • Take complete control of your cards and prevent fraud with the CardValet app
  • Receive two free boxes of checks per 12-month period (with Direct Deposit)

To open an account, stop by the branch or give us a call today.

To report debit card fraud or dispute a transaction, call 844-202-5070.

Overdraft Protection Options

Overdraft Transfer from Savings

You may link your PFCU Savings to your Checking account to protect you in the case there aren't enough funds to cover a transaction.  If a transaction comes through that would cause your Checking account to go into a negative balance or possibly be declined, the funds will automatically be transferred from your linked Savings to cover the transaction. This will avoid declined transactions, returned checks and overdraft fees. Please contact us to set this up.

Courtesy Pay

An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway. Overdrafts are paid at the discretion of the credit union, and it is not guaranteed we will pay an overdraft. Our standard overdraft protection covers checks, ACH transactions and automatic bill payments.  

If you would like us to cover overdrafts caused by an ATM or one-time debit card transaction, you must opt-in. A fee is charged each time an overdraft is caused on your account.

Overdraft Line of Credit

Alternately, you may apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit. This loan is attached to your Checking account and is used to cover overdrafts. The Line of Credit is drawn against in $50.00 increments; so if your Checking needs $20.00 to cover a transaction, a $50.00 advance will be issued. There is no service charge for the Overdraft Line of Credit Advance and you won't be charged Courtesy Pay Overdraft fees; you will only pay interest on the loan amount drawn on the line.  Contact us to apply for an Overdraft LOC.


You can enroll in Direct Deposit to have your paycheck, or Social Security, deposited directly into your PFCU Savings or Checking account.  You will need your account number, and our routing number of 242076669.  When entering your account number for Direct Deposit, you must format in a particuar way to ensure the funds are received.

Remove any leading zeros from your account number. For a Savings account, add two zeros to the end of the account number. For a Checking, add the number 10 to the end of the account number.

For example, with an account number of 1234:

Direct Deposit to Savings - ABA/Routing# 242076669 and Account# 123400

Direct Deposit to Checking - ABA/Routing# 242076669 and Account# 123410


There are three convenient ways to reorder checks.  If you have any changes to your checks (such as name, address or phone number change), only use Option 1.

  1. Submit Request Form (In person, by Mail or Fax) - Stop in, mail or fax your reorder form and note any changes required. This reorder form must contain your signature on the form. The order will be placed the same day if received by 3:00 p.m.

  2. Request Through Online Banking - Log into online banking, click on Transactions then click on Reorder Drafts. You must have your reorder form available; you will need information from this form to complete the reorder process. Remember you should not use this option if you need to make changes to your Name, Address or Telephone Number. You submit a request form to us for these changes.

  3. Call Toll-Free for Direct Reorder - Call 1-877-585-8777 to place a reorder over the phone. You must have your reorder form available; you will need information from the form to complete this process. Remember you should not use this option if you need to make changes to your Name, Address or Telephone Number. You must use OPTION 1.